Mobile legends make your time so awesome

Mobile legends make your time so awesome

Mobile legends is a game where the user can form a team with the caption of their own choice and there are many fighters available on the network. The user can join with their friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) showdown which will be against the real human opponents. This new version was updated on February 19, 2017, choose your favorite hero and build your own perfect team with your comrades-in-arms. You can make your match in 10 seconds and battle in 10 minutes, there will be jungling, team battles and the whole action game will be in your hand.

The strategy used in the mobile legends game is video games, which is subgenre of real time strategy game; in this the player will control the single character in one of the two teams. A mobile legend is also like league of legends and heroes of the storm. Among the MOBA mobile games, mobile legends will be easier game for starters when comparing with the others.

In the battle field the user will be provided with the 3 lanes and a team of 5 fighters and each lane will contain certain number of turrets. The main motive is destroy the enemies’ base and take over the minions given to you throughout the lanes provided and destroys each turret. The minions are able to fight against the turrets only when they are within their ranges otherwise it would cause a heavy damage in the battle with the minions.

In MOBA mobile legend game, at the beginning level the user will be provided with the heroes for free but after once the game has started the user may boost up the game with the heroes bought with their own currency, they will be provided with the battle points or germs in respective with the value of currency they have paid. Gems will be like real money that you paid where as battle points will be depend up on the game that you will win or loss. By using the currency that you have paid, you can play with heroes in the rotational basis but with the battle points you can even buy new heroes at a cheap cost in the every week. With the help of this rotational usage of heroes the player can found out the hero with the greatest power so that the user can invest their battle points towards that particular hero. In another way there were many types of Mobile Legends Free Diamonds available for the user to generate the diamonds and gems to boost their play.

Layla is a default hero given to every user at the beginning of the game. As a first hero she is provided with an enough booster of the required range. Layla is marksman class so that she will be best enough to attack the turrets.

Alucard is the next interesting fighter and he is from fighter class, he has a life steal so that he will be recovered from the each attack automatically and he has an ability of increasing the limited amount of time.

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